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World War II Plane crashes on Bluestacks

During World War II The atlantic ocean was regularly partoled for submarines etc. by the Royal Air Force.
One of these patrols, a Sunderland Mark III or Flying Boat no. DW-110, Squadron 228, set out on patrol from Pembrooke Dock, Wales, at 10.46pm on the 31st of Janurary, 1944.
A crew of 12 on board consisted of :
Flight Lieutenant H.C. Armstrong. Flight Officer M.V. Wareing. Flight Lieutenant M.L. Gillingham. Flight Officer J. Trull. Sergeant C.Greenwood, 1129218. Flight Sergeant F. Greene, Royal Canadian Air Force, 184005. Sergeant J. Parsons, 1315937. Flight Sergeant A. Gowens, 1055929. Warrant Officer J. Richardson, 523921. Sergeant E. Copp, 614970. Sergeant C. Hobbs, 1644857. Sergeant J. Gilchrist, 1338328. The aircraft was a relatively new plane, built by Short & Harland, Belfast and delivered to the R.A.F. in September 1943.
At the end of the patrol, DW-110 was instructed to divert to the R.A.F. base at Castle Archdale due to poor weather conditions. The normal coures of events for such a diversion was for the pilot to fly south over Donegal and then divert east along the river Erne to Castle Archdale.
At 11.45pm on the Janurary 31st 1944 flight no DW-110 crashed into the Bluestack Mountains in South Donegal.
Seven of the twelve crew members were killed